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The programme is being developed by the RCP Trainees Committee alongside regional trainee representatives, more information will be available soon.

In the meantime, registered delegates are able to enjoy 6 on-demand videos from the 2023 conference. Please login to the conference platform to access this content via the auditorium tab.

9:30am - Welcome - Dr Raghuvaran Mani, cardiology internal medicine trainee 2
9.35am - 10.15am

Session 1: Surviving, thriving and inspiring – the role of the medical registrar

Our opening plenary session will focus on how to make the most of your med reg years and review what it means to be a good leader. This plenary session ends with a panel discussion where we’ll consider your thoughts and questions.
Speaker Dr Khaled Abuelenian
Dr Khaled Abuelenian

10:15am - Morning break (15 minutes)

Session 2: Clinical skills

Our first clinical session will focus on decompensated liver failure, the management of anticoagulation in an emergency setting and hypernatremia and hyponatremia. This session will run in parallel with session 3 – but please note that you can watch both sessions on-demand post-broadcast.
Speaker Dr Toby Delahooke
Dr Toby Delahooke

Decompensated liver failure

Speaker Dr Sinithiya Punnialingham
Dr Sinithiya Punnialingham

Management of anticoagulation in an emergency setting – ‘bleeding obvious’

Speaker Dr Narendra Reddy
Dr Narendra Reddy

Hypernatremia and hyponatremia


Session 3: Clinical skills

This clinical session will focus on polypharmacy and deprescribing for the older patient in an acute setting, sickle cell emergencies and and how to work with the on-call dermatologist. This session will run in parallel with session 2 – but please note that you can watch both sessions on-demand post-broadcast.
Speaker Dr Lucy Pollock
Dr Lucy Pollock
consultant geriatrician, Somerset Foundation Trust

Polypharmacy and deprescribing

Speaker Dr Ryan Mullally
Dr Ryan Mullally

Acute haematological presentations: sickle cell disease

Speaker Dr Shilan Jmor
Dr Shilan Jmor


11:55am - Comfort break (15 minutes)

Session 4: Finding your work life balance and enhancing your career

Whilst much of the conference content aims to increase your clinical confidence, we hope this session will provide insight into the options and tools available to enhance your career at this stage and support your wellbeing. You’ll hear from two individuals who will respectively cover a portfolio training career, and the lived experience of taking an out of programme career break.
Chair Dr Dheya Biswas
Dr Dheya Biswas
Speaker Dr Amanda Mootoo
Dr Amanda Mootoo
ST7 rheumatology and GIM registrar, Royal Surrey Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

OOPP – Taking a different path for a year

Speaker Dr Salam Al-Alousi
Dr Salam Al-Alousi

1:05pm - Lunch break (40 minutes)

Session 5: Professional skills for the medical registrar

We’ll be covering a wide range of topics in this session, including how to provide medical advice for surgical patients, principles for effective debriefing, how to deal with mental health patients in the acute medicine unit (AMU), and a session focused on supporting your decision-making around patient discharge.
Speaker Dr Barbara Onen
Dr Barbara Onen

Speaker Dr James Jeggard
Dr James Jeggard
Consultant geriatrician and perioperative physician
Speaker Dr Alistair Gilmore
Dr Alistair Gilmore
Consultant physician in acute medicine, Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Speaker Dr Rohan Mehra
Dr Rohan Mehra
infectious diseases and microbiology registrar, Kent, Surrey and Sussex
Speaker Dr Rebecca Kuruvilla
Dr Rebecca Kuruvilla
clinical education fellow, RCP; ST7 clinical pharmacology and general medicine physician, Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
3:10pm - Comfort break (10 minutes)

Session 6

Session 6 will provide an update in acute rheumatology, how to handle renal emergencies, and acute cardiology. This session will run in parallel with session 7 – but please note that you can watch both sessions on-demand post-broadcast.
Chair Dr Latif Rahman
Dr Latif Rahman
chief registrar, University Hospitals Leicester NHS Trust
Speaker Dr Mariyam Adam
Dr Mariyam Adam

Renal emergencies

Speaker Dr Megan Rutter
Dr Megan Rutter
ST7 rheumatology and general medicine registrar, Warwick Hospital, South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust


Speaker Dr Gavin Lewis
Dr Gavin Lewis
Consultant cardiologist, Royal Liverpool University hospital



Session 7

This clinical session will provide top tips for managing a pregnant patient, a session on management of seizures, and a session on acute respiratory medicine, focusing on pleural disease.
Chair Dr Viola Asimba
Dr Viola Asimba
Speaker Dr Rajini Sudhir
Dr Rajini Sudhir
Consultant respiratory physician, Glenfield Hospital, Leicester.

Respiratory medicine – pleural disease

Speaker Dr Carol Postlethwaite
Dr Carol Postlethwaite

Obstetric medicine

4:45pm - Closing comments and end of conference
Please note that any presentations shown at this event have been produced by the individual speakers. As such they are not owned by, and do not necessarily represent the views of, the RCP.

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