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The programme is being devised by the RCP Trainees Committee. 

It will feature several specialty acute clinical topics, alongside a range of soft-skill topics designed to advance your professional skills. 

You can browse some of sessions below. Please note topics and speakers may be subject to change.


Welcome and introduction - Dr Alastair Gilmore

Taking the fear out of the medical registrar role (title to be confirmed)

Dr Vidhi Taylor-Jones

The importance of being 'ergonomic': human factors in healthcare

Dr Peter Jaye

Q & A


Comfort break

How to manage your team and to empower yourself to thrive as a medical registrar  

Dr Anshul Deshraj

Renal medicine

Dr Tim Scale

How to be a good medical registrar 

Dr Mehul Parekh

Stoke and neurology

Dr Helen Devine

The identity of the medical registrar (title to be confirmed)

Dr Jamie Read

Managing Psychiatric Care in the Acute Hospital Top Tips for Medical Registrars  

Professor Subodh Dave

Q & A

Q & A


Lunch break

Haematology emergencies and complications

Speaker: to be announced

How to make friends with the ITU registrar

Dr Rachel Jones

Obstetric medicine

Dr Melanie Nana

Perioperative Medicine for the Medical Registrar 

Dr Jomana Fikree

Q & A

Medications: to take or not to take.. on take

Dr Bernie Jenner

Q & A


Comfort Break

Acute cardiology cases for the new med reg

Dr Kishan Moosai

Respiratory emergencies on the acute take 

Dr Matt Pavitt

Geriatrics and frailty

Dr Surabhi Varma

Liver failure

Dr Hannah McDowell

Ultrasound at the front door

Dr Sarb Clare

Rheumatology - sick patients with autoimmune diseases and where to start

Dr Oseme Etomi

Q & A

Q & A


Comfort break

Talking about dying

Dr Kathryn Mannix, medical writer and campaigner and retired palliative physician

Q&A and final thoughts

Dr Alastair Gilmore with Dr Andrew Goddard, RCP president 


Close of conference

Please note that any presentations shown at this event have been produced by the individual speakers. As such they are not owned by, and do not necessarily represent the views of, the RCP.

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